About Jamie Scott

Head Chef, Patron and driving force of The Newport, Jamie, has been in the kitchen from a very young age. Jamie took part in BBC MasterChef Professionals and was crowned the winner in 2014. After a series of successful Pop-ups and events, these led to the opening of The Newport in 2016 alongside his wife, Kelly.

He was quickly awarded 2AA rosettes and entry to The Michelin Guide.

Jamie advocates for zero waste and believes that you should work closely with all producers to understand supply and demand. Jamie’s style is unique, and this is constantly evolving with his team. Using classic recipes and pairing them with modern techniques, Jamie showcases the bountiful larder from the surrounding areas in a current Scottish offering. 

"I get excited with every new seasonal change, no matter how long or short they may be. We have had a beautiful Summer, and we are excited to move into Autumn, welcoming game season, one of my favourite times of the year. Foraging weekly, exploring and learning about new finds is key to keeping us tied to the area and all it offers. Too often, chefs don't see where their produce is coming from and I feel this is so vital to understanding the whole story, respecting the crop and, in the end, working with it better. We are lucky to have a vast of unique suppliers on our very doorstep, and I can't help but get involved in their produce when they are as passionate about food and the customer's experience with us is at the forefront of all that we do, so I feel our knowledge and passion should always enhance this.

I love to see our customer's reactions and be surprised by the dishes we produce. Of course, we want every visit to be unique and memorable. But our customers are what keeps the business going and allows us to do what we love; our customers are an extension of our Newport Family, and I am thankful for that always.

 My aim has always been to create a destination for customers and those who work with us. A work-life balance is a must, especially within our industry, and it's important to me that my team are very much part of the journey of The Newport. Many of us have young budding families, myself and wife included, so it's vital to love what you do. We wouldn't be where we are today without our team, and I'm grateful for lifelong friends amongst them all." Follow me on Twitter at @mrjayger.